А. С. САМОХОЦКИЙ. – Doctor Alexander S. Samokhotskiy

Doctor Alexander S. Samokhotskiy and his method of healing
by V. A. Bacherikov, PhD
Dr. Alexander Svyatoslavovych Samokhotskiy (1890 – 1986) was a son of Svyatoslav Olimpievich Samokhotskiy, a physician of Nikolayev City Hospital.
Alexander S. Samokhotskiy graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Odessa University, and during the First World War he was a surgeon at the front, and then became Assistant Professor of the Department of Topographical Anatomy at Odessa Medical Institute (now Odessa National Medical University). His idea about the study and the medical use of tanning agents for the treatment of inflammation, sepsis and gangrene probably originated at the fields of the First World War, where certainly was not lacking in such cases….

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Микола Касьян. В ім’я людини.
Л. СТРЕЛЬНИКОВА. Он был врач.
А. С. САМОХОЦКИЙ. О нервизме и лечебной проблеме его.
Alexander S. Samokhotskiy. About nervism and associated therapeutic problem.
А. С. САМОХОЦКИЙ. Опыт определения лечебных закономерностей. (Диссертация, 1946 г.)
В. А. Бачериков. Метод доктора А. С. Самохоцкого для лечения воспаления, сепсиса и некоторых других заболеваний. (Исторический обзор).
V. A. Bacherikov. Dr Samokhotskiy’s method of healing inflammation, sepsis and other diseases.
V. V. Bacherikov, V. A. Bacherikov. Dr. Samokhotskiy’s Method of Healing Inflammation by the Analysis and Regulation of Blood Electrolyte Balance.
Selected parts, examples of treating and patient histories from Dr. A. S. Samokhotskiy’s medical practice described in his Dissertation.