Control Questions and Tests

Control Questions

Module 1.
Biochemistry of enzymes.
Biochemistry of carbohydrates.
Biochemistry of lipids.
Module 2.
Metabolism of amino acids.
Enzymopathology of amino acids metabolism.
Principles of the molecular biology.
Principles of the molecular genetics.
Molecular mechanisms of the hormones activity on the target cells.
Biochemistry of the metabolism hormonal regulation.
Module 3.
Biochemistry of human nutrition. Vitamins as components of food.
Biochemistry and pathobiochemistry of blood.
Functional and clinical biochemistry of organs and tissues.
Module 4. Faculty of Dentistry
Functional and clinical biochemistry of the oral cavity.
Biochemistry computer Test.
The questions of this test were taken from Krok 1.

Cards for Colloquiums

Colloquium 1.1. Biochemical constituents of cells. Enzymes and coenzymes. Bioenergetics.
Colloquium 1.2. Metabolism of Carbohydrates.
Colloquium 1.3. Metabolism of Lipids.