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Computer test in Organic Chemistry
for Pharmacy students 2 year, Semester 3
120 questions
Credit/No Credit test (pass/fail test)

Computer test Krok 1 Organic Chemistry.
Test has 140 questions from

Test questions Organic Chemistry KROK 1, 2014 (docx).
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Organic Chemistry Tests
1. Organic naming Test
2. Organic Nomenclature Test
3. Geometric isomers Test
4. Aromatic compounds Test

Organic chemistry.  Testing Cards 1.
– Nomenclature of organic compounds.
– The reactions of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes.

a) From the proposed structure create a the name of organic compound according to the nomenclature IUPAC;
b) From the proposed names create the structural formula of substance;
с) Answer the question in writing.

Problems and exercises in organic chemistry.
Cards 1.
Alkanes, c-Alkanes, Alkadienes, Alkenes, Alkynes.