Lectures in Medical Chemistry

Topics of lectures in Medical Chemistry
(Bioinorganic, Physical, and Colloidal Chemistry)
for Ist year dental students in 2015 – 2016 academic year.

Module 1. Bioinorganic Chemistry
Lecture 1. Introduction. Chemistry in Medicine.
Part 1. Chemistry of Elements.
Lecture 2. Chemical elements. Structure and properties of blocks of biogenic elements. Biogenic elements of s-block.
Lecture 3. Biogenic elements of d-block.
Module 2. Physical Chemistry
Part 2. Basic laws of chemical processes.
Lecture 4. Principles of chemical thermodynamics and bioenergetics.
Lecture 5. Physical and chemical bases of kinetics of chemical reactions.
Module 3. Colloidal Chemistry
Part 3. Fundamentals of physical chemistry of disperse systems.
Lecture 6. Classification of disperse systems. Colligate properties of solutions.
Lecture 7. True solutions.
Lecture 8. Buffer solutions.
Lecture 9. Colloidal solutions.
Lecture 10. Solutions of biopolimers.
Part 4. Physical methods of analysis.
Lecture 11. Electrochemical and spectral methods of analysis.

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